Computerized Testing

Computerized testing and documentation provides us with specific measurements and helps to remove the human element of error. Dr. Day has invested in the latest technology in order to provide the diagnostic accuracy to help support the most specific, effective and safest treatment protocols.

JTech Medical Industries, Inc. manufactures our evaluation equipment. JTech is considered the industry leader and the standard that other companies refer to. The diagnostic software is actually registered with the American Medical Association (AMA). Available testing includes:
  • Spine and Extremity Range of Motion
  • Spine and Extremity Muscle Strength
  • 5-Position Hand Grip Strength
  • Sustained Hand Grip Strength
  • Outcome Assessment Questionnaires
These tests are printed onto charts and graphs. The results are compared to acceptable normal medical standards and the differences are calculated and shown. The system also calculates body region impairments and will provide a whole-person impairment rating.